We Aim For a World of Zero Waste

Helvetica Renewables is dedicated to the pursuit and development of innovative waste management solutions with the goal of reducing waste’s environmental impact and adding value to an otherwise worthless product. We work on achieving a zero-waste waste management company and consequently improving the world for generations to come.

We are initiating our path to a world of zero waste by focusing on recycling plastic. It is widely reported the detriment plastic causes around the world and it is not enough to reduce the creation of new plastic – we must find new ways of re-using the plastic that is already with us. 

We repurpose PET plastic that is destined to landfills by having it go through a strenuous process, converting it into clean flakes ready to be used again as raw material for various products.   

Our site is currently under construction but please contact us if you have any questions or are interested in working with us. You can send us an email or simply fill out the form below.

email: info@helveticarenew.com